Brief history of this tool (2007-2013)

eDictor is the fruit of years of research by linguists, philologists and computer scientists.  Build 1 of Version beta 1.0 was developed in 2007 (visit 2007 webpage), and this first version already contained the core functions of the tool: an XML annotation module, the possibility of XSLT transformation exportation, and a morphosyntactic (Part Of Speech) tagging function.

Between 2007 and 2013, meetings and workshops with new teams of users resulted in the development of ten new builds for eDictor beta 1.0, reflecting the additions that were pointed out as necessary by the different user teams. Currently,  a web-based version of eDictor is under construction.

See the list of publications on eDictor here; for a more detailed chronology of the tool, please browse the slides below:

Paixão de Sousa, Maria Clara. eDictor: a chronology. Presentation at the round table “eDictor: advances and perspectives”. Workshop Construction and use of large annotated corpora. Campinas, Unicamp, 09/09/2013